Realm Award Fantasy Audiobook Winner 2022 – Wraithwood

Realm Awards General Fantasy Finalist 2022 – Wraithwood

Realm Awards Reader’s Choice Award Semifinalist 2022 – Wraithwood

Reader’s Favorite Honorable Mention Young Adult Fantasy 2022 – Wraithwood

Selah Award Finalist 2022 – Middle Grade Fiction and YA Literature, for Wraithwood

Jerry B. Jenkins Short Story Contest 2019 – 1st place

1st place: 2019 Best Staff Editorial for “How accessible is Taylor?”: Alyssa Roat, Indiana College Press Association

Alyssa Roat, “No Voice for the Quiet” – 1st Place College Student Award

Jerry B. Jenkins Short Story Contest 2018 – 2nd place

Bill of Rights Institute 2016 We the Students Essay Contest Winner – 1st Place out of 20,000 Entrants