Desert Pic of MeI’ve been writing stories since before I started kindergarten. I love words.

Right now, I’m a junior professional writing major at Taylor University. I’m also a junior literary agent for Cyle Young Literary Elite and Hartline Literary Agency, an agented writer, a research assistant at Zondervan Library, an editor at Sherpa Editing Services, and the online editor for The Echo News. So, yeah, I’m a little busy.

But! When I’m not doing those things, I’m writing: novels, short stories, poetry, newspaper articles, book reviews, blog posts…

Here on this site, I’m just having some fun, and I hope you’ll have fun with me. At heart, I’m a goofball. I’ll post my latest articles and that sort of thing. And once I finally get a book contract, I’ll post my books on here too (but apparently you have to be sort of internet famous to get editors interested in you. Pro tip.)

Remember how I said I was a goofball? You should totally read my blog on here, called “Write with Me,” because my life is super boring so I make up weird stuff that often happens to be hilarious. (I hope.)

Hope you have fun, and I totally want to get to know you! You’ll notice I’ve got links to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over on the side. I’d love to be your friend there, especially if you like writing and weirdness too.


-Alyssa Roat


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