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Little Lamb Books – Monday Muse


Top 5 Ways to Spread the Love of Books You Love


Little Lamb Books – Monday Muse


Connecting with the Authors Among Us

How to spot up-and-coming writers.



Little Lamb Books – Monday Muse


Fun Ways to Connect with Your Favorite Authors

Where do your favorite writers hang out?



Staff Picks: Alyssa Roat’s Top 5 Summer Reading List

by Alyssa Roat

See what I’m reading this summer on this post for Illuminate YA!



Flee While You Can: Why You Should Run From the Clutches of YA Fiction

by Alyssa Roat

Satirical blog post at Illuminate YA.




Starved for Quality Literature: Why Teens Aren’t Reading

by Alyssa Roat

My thoughts on this sad trend – and some ways to fix it.




Understanding the Enemy: A New Kind of YA Villain

by Alyssa Roat

If you know me, you know I love villains. But are we moving into a new age of villains?





Tessa Emily Hall ~ Christ is WriteBeing Kind is Critical: How to Be a Great Critic – Guest Post by Alyssa Roat

My boss at Illuminate, Tessa, has a great blog that she invited me to guest post on!


Dressed to Impress: How to Send Off Your Manuscript in Style

by Alyssa Roat

I read A LOT of submissions at my various jobs. Here are some inside tips!



The Dialogue Conundrum: Seven Tips for Writing Brilliant Dialogue

by Alyssa Roat

How do you make fake characters sound real?


my-conscience-is-59f1f7Villainous Heroes: 5 Tips for Writing the Antagonistic Protagonist

Some advice on the Taylor University PWR blog! (Because you know how much I love villains!)