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“Alyssa is exactly the type of editor I like. She is passionate about great writing, gives very thoughtful critiques, and acts as a coach in every aspect of the editing process. She is highly technical in her grammatical review, identifies the weaknesses in the manuscript in a way that reveals her deep level of engagement with the story, and offers great suggestions for improvements in the story arc. She also has great suggestions about everything from character development to which publishing houses or agents might be interested in my story. I am grateful for her thorough coaching as I seek to become a better writer.”  —Trent D. Schrock

I work with Sherpa Editing Services, a collection of five writers, editors, literary agents, professional writing majors, and industry insiders who offer quality editing for incredibly low rates. We think professional editing should be affordable. If you would like me or my colleagues to edit your work, please check out our website below!

“I contacted Sherpa Editing to get development edits for my manuscript and was very impressed with the results. They gave me detailed feedback that showed me how to take my story to the next level, giving advice based both on their editing knowledge and their own experiences with book publishing. They also provided their edits in a timely manner and used a very efficient payment system.” – Gabriel Connor Salter


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