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Forgive me, but I write at least a couple articles every week, so this is by no means a complete list:


What is Transcendentalism?

What is the Jefferson Bible? 

What is Christian Hedonism?

What Is the Tetragrammaton?

Who Was Judas Iscariot?

What Are Complementarianism and Egalitarianism?

What Does Agape Love Really Mean in the Bible?

Why Did God Require Animal Sacrifices in the Bible?

Why Is Jesus Often Referred to as Jesus of Nazareth?

Does God Punish Us For Our Sins?

What Is the Church’s Responsibility in Creation Care?

What Should Christians Consider Before Taking on Student Loan Debt?

Is the Holy Spirit God?

What Does the Bible Say about Organ Donation?

What Is Scientology?

Why Does God Let the Innocent Suffer?

What Are the Stations of the Cross?

Why Did the Romans Care About Jesus?


Faithful Promises for Modern Singers of a Beloved Hymn

5 Things You Are Forgetting About God

What Is Deism and Is It Influencing Your Faith?

Did Christians Historically Hijack Halloween?

Who Was Nathan in the Bible?

Who Were the Samaritans?

What Does the Verse “If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us” Mean?

Who Was Jeremiah “The Weeping Prophet”?


Is the Book of Revelation a Scary Threat or Hope-Filled Promise?

What Is Biblical Hermeneutics?

Can You Really Pray Anxiety Away?

Why Was There a Roman Census at the Time of Jesus’ Birth?

4 Big Lessons from Lesser-Known Parables

Is It Always Sinful to Lie?

7 Effective Ideas for Sharing Your Faith on Social Media

5 Things Christians Should Know About Apologetics

What’s the Difference Between Biblical and Cultural Christianity?

What Does Baptism of the Holy Spirit Mean?

Publications without available links:

Brio Magazine

The Christian Communicator


The Secret Place

The SEGway News

Realms of Fire – Mountain Brook Fire January 1, 2020

(three speculative fiction stories in anthology)

get a free copy here: http://fire.mountainbrookink.com/

Heaven SightingsBethany House June 4, 2019

(story in anthology)