5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Editors

Editors are mysterious creatures, often nameless, faceless beings, not fans of the spotlight. We’re basically writers, but existential crises, mood swings, and crippling self-doubt are replaced by comma crises, grammar rage, and looming deadlines. We editors do exist, and we love Christmas, too! So, what should you get for the editor in your life? I can’t speak for everyone, but here are five things this editor would love any year: 

  1. Chicago Manual of Style 

Most editors who have been in the business for a while probably have one already. But depending on how long they’ve been editing, they might not have the most updated 17th edition. Alternatively, if they’re just striking out into freelancing, or just getting into the business, they may not yet have this Holy Grail of editing lore. Right now, I get my CMS fix from the legendary Professor Linda K. Taylor’s collection or from the library, but next Christmas… 

(Note: If your editor is in news or magazines, you may want to get them the AP Stylebook.) 

2. Fuzzy socks 

Editing can sometimes be hair-pulling, eye-bugging work. There’s nothing like a pair of fuzzy socks to bring a little comfort amidst those red-streaked pages. And can you ever have too many pairs? 

3. Bullet journal 

As a general rule, editors have to be very organized. And it seems to me we all love lists, planners, schedules, notes… so what better than a bullet journal? If you haven’t experienced the wonder of a bullet journal, these lovely little notebooks have grids of dots instead of lines, making them perfect for mapping out lists, outlines, boxes, schedules, etc. to your heart’s desire. 

4. Herbal tea 

As a writer, I want a shot of espresso and a spike in adrenaline. As an editor, I want some herbal tea as I settle in for a long session of careful combing and grammatical decision-making. Why not get the editor in your life some loose-leaf tea and a strainer? Alternatively, hot cocoa is another soothing option for those who don’t like tea. 

5. Starbucks gift card 

Sometimes you need a change of scenery while editing a particularly problematic piece. You can never count on the outdoor weather to cooperate, but you know what you can always count on? Coffee shops. Get your beloved editor a gift card to their favorite coffee shop so they can have a drink while they edit—and even better, a reason for the manager not to kick them out. 

Anything I missed? Leave suggestions in the comments! 


Looking for gifts for writers? Check out ideas for the writers in your life here. 

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