5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

Just a few days until Christmas. Do you know what gift you’re getting for the writer(s) in your life? I get it, we’re a tough crowd. And all of us are unique. (For example, some weirdos don’t like coffee.) But as a writer, here are the five top things I’d be happy to receive year after year.

  1. Fun socks

Socks? No one wants socks, right? Wrong! Writers sit for a long time, and our feet get cold. Also, socks are just really fun, and for some reason my writer friends and I are obsessed with them. Foxes, coffee, fandoms, puns… options are endless!

  1. Fancy coffee (or tea or hot cocoa)

I love coffee, and according to Twitter, so do almost all writers. There are few things better than curling up with a laptop and a cup of coffee. Sure, I’ll drink any bean juice, even the questionable Dining Commons variety, but I love special coffees: mocha, peppermint, hazelnut, vanilla caramel… especially if they’re from actual grounds. Whether your writer friend has a Keurig or just a microwave, there are variety of coffee options with which to experiment.

Alternatively, some writers don’t like coffee. If that’s the case, why not try loose-leaf tea or gourmet hot chocolate instead?

  1. An exciting journal and pen

It’s been years since I actually wrote in a journal; I do everything on my computer. But journals are soooo pretty… Will we actually use it? Probably not. Will it make our day as we stare at it and smell it and feel the pages? Absolutely.

  1. Writer’s Market Guide

Writer’s Market is a great book for freelancers. A new edition comes out every year, offering lists of publishers, agents, magazines, literary journals, etc. with contact info and submission guidelines. The 2019 version is out, but I own the 2018 version and it’s still incredibly helpful. There are variations for novelists, illustrators, poets, the Christian market, and more.

  1. Space to write

Ultimately, the best present you can give a writer is space to write. The holidays are all about friends and family, but most of us are introverts, and we won’t be able to keep the socialization up forever. It’s not that we don’t love you; it’s just that writing is a solitary endeavor. At some point, we will need to sneak off to be alone. Recognizing that our writing is important and giving us space to do it is the best gift of all. If you’re lucky, we might even be brave enough to let you read it.

Any other suggestions? Share in the comments below!


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