Book Reviews

I’m going to be honest, I have book reviews published in The Aboite Independent, in The SEGway News, and the ECLA Library Review.

BUT it’s incredibly difficult to put links up from print publications and from The Aboite Independent, so… I’m just going to put links to the ECLA Library Review. And there are too many to keep up with, so… posting will be in batches.


Four Views on the Church’s Mission


In His Steps


The Angry Intruder


Christy’s Choice


Midnight Rescue


The Proposal


The Bridge to Cutter Gap


This Child of Faith


(Book review) The Innocence of Father Brown


Beneath the Surface


Long Days of Small Things


Habits of Grace


Just Let Go


(Book review) The Golden Vial: Book Three of Legends of the Realm


(Book review) The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder


(Book review) I Will Not Fear


(Book review) Phoebe’s Light


(Book review) In Search of the King



(Book review) Blessed in the Darkness



(Book review) The Hidden Side